Friday, December 18, 2009

Give Me A Break

Bones usually break when something happens to crush, bend, twist, or stretch them. Toes are often broken when they accidentally kick something hard. Heels are often broken when a person falls from a height and lands on his or her feet. Other bones in the foot sometimes break when an ankle is sprained or twisted. Occasionally, small cracks can form from repeated stress on the bones of the foot over a long period of time (known as stress fractures). Broken bones in the foot cause pain and swelling. Bruising or redness of the foot with a broken bone is common. It is important to see a doctor anytime you think you may have broken a bone in your foot.

Broken bones anywhere in the body deserve professional attention. Too often, a broken bone that is not allowed to heal properly can be vulnerable to future breaks, strains, and sprains. As a specialist in foot and ankle conditions, a podiatrist is the most qualified person to help rehabilitate a broken foot bone and bring the patient back to normal function. Acute injuries or chronic conditions, we offer a full range of foot care services. Please call for an appointment.

HINT: Do not attempt to drive with a broken foot. Have someone bring you to the doctor or emergency ward.

As seen in the Sun City, Surprise, and Sun City West Independent Newspapers.

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