Friday, November 13, 2009

A Child's Foot

Pediatric foot problems can appear very early. They require attention because the bones in a child's foot are soft and pliable and easily damaged by constricting shoes, socks and even bedding. Shoes that fit are especially important for a young child's rapidly growing feet. When choosing shoes for your child, make sure the shoe shape matches the foot shape and that the upper is firm in the heel area but flexible around the front of the shoe. The upper of the shoe should be made of leather or material that will allow air to circulate around the foot. Don't use hand-me-down shoes unless they are showing no wear on the sole or upper.

We believe one of the most important elements of healthcare we can provide you with is education. We bring you these columns in order to show you how the many benefits of podiatric medicine can help keep all members of your family walking, running, living in comfort. And since taking care of the feet can't begin too early, you'll be glad to know there is a footcare specialist here in Sun City West who can help you if there seems to be a problem with your child's feet. Call for an appointment.

HINT: Parents need to be on the alert for early developmental problems since children do not usually know enough to complain about them.

As seen in the Surprise, Sun City, and Sun City West Independent newspapers.

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