Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Pain In The Toe

Some people experience numbness in the big toe. It may be accompanied by swelling on the underside where the toe bends. They may feel a "zinging" sensation when walking. These uncomfortable symptoms may be an indication of a compressed nerve. This is compounded when a shoe hits the toe area or if long hours are spent standing. There could be the presence of an inflamed extra bone on the bottom of the toe, known as a sesamoid. There may be arthritis in the joint or a chipped flake of bone in the joint that is causing the pain. Should you experience such discomfort in your big toe area, consult with your podiatrist.

When your feet hurt, it's important to find out why. Following diagnosis, it's time to formulate a treatment plan that may consist of orthotics, medication, surgery, exercise, or even a change in footwear. If your toes are giving you trouble, it's smart to communicate with your doctor. Now is a good time to schedule an appointment for foot care for the family, where we practice conservative podiatry as the frontline defense against feet that cause you to suffer.

HINT: Wear wide supportive shoes if you experience big toe discomfort.

As seen in the Surprise, Sun City and Sun City West Independent Newspaper.

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