Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Toe-Bending Experience

Excessive bending of the toes can cause capsulitis, an inflammation of a ligament. Ligaments are tough tissue found where two bones come together to form a joint. If there is stress placed on the joint from repetitive motion, the ligaments can overstretch and become inflamed. Symptoms include aching discomfort, and a sharp pain with pressure and with movement of the toe. Doing electrical and plumbing work, climbing ladders, and stooping while gardening all require movements that may cause capsulitis. Wearing very high heeled shoes can also cause inflammation. Cortisone injections, rest, ice, and oral anti-inflammatory medications can alleviate the discomfort for the short time. In some cases, surgery to repair the damage may be indicated.

Proper care of toe joint problems is vital to your program of overall good health. Our office provides comprehensive care in managing foot and ankle problems as well as helping prevent them before they occur. We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of many problems affecting the lower extremities. For your feet's sake and your well-being, call us for an appointment for leading-edge, compassionate podiatric care.

HINT: When capsulitis involves the big toe joint, it is sometimes known as Turf Toe.

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  1. Hi Dr. Jaffe,
    I'm Cathy McCarthy - a podiatrist in NE Scottsdale and I'm wondering if we met at the annual AZPMA conference in Carefree this past Spring? I lost your card (if it's you) and I want to make sure I'm talking to the right person.
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    Cathy McCarthy