Thursday, January 13, 2011

What do they do?

A podiatric surgeon performs surgery on the feet, ankles and sometimes lower leg. Graduation from podiatric medical school is followed by a residency in podiatric surgery. Some continue further and take a fellowship to learn advanced surgical techniques. Podiatric surgeons generally work in hospitals in clinics. They preform repairs, reconstructions, and corrections on the feet and ankles, addressing conditions like severe bunions and feet that are badly broken and require surgery for stabilization. Podiatric surgeons may specialize in areas such as sports injuries or podiatric medical issues. They ensure that patients can be provided with high-quality surgical care from a professional who is trained both as a surgeon and as a podiatrist.

If surgery is the recommended course of action to deal with your particular foot problem, you'll be glad to know that today's techniques make the process easier and faster, and the recovery is quite a bit more comfortable than even just a few years ago. At our office, we have three basic goals, to relieve pain, restore function, and improve appearance.

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* Article as seen in the Surprise Today Newspaper.

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